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Genel Bilgiler

Orjinal Adı:Full Moon wo Sagashite

Diğer Adları:Searching for the Full Moon

Türü: TV Serisi

Bölüm Sayısı: 52+8 dk Special

Kategori: Drama, Büyü, Müzik, Romantik, Shoujo,

Yılı: 2002

Web Sitesi:http://www.tv-tokyo.co.jp/anime/fullmoon/

Yapımcı: Studio DEEN, NAS, Studio D,

Bölüm Listesi

1.Nonetheless, I want to Sing
2.Eichi-kun and His Promise
3.Manager-san Has Arrived
4.Including Thoughts in the Song
5.The Beginning of Work
6.Long Day at the Studio
7.Full Moon Debut!
8.Izzit really a hit?
9.Because I want to Hear It
10.The Laws of Show Business
Geinoukai no Okite
11.Lens of Danger
12.Onion Ramen and the Saint's Stone
13.A Tiny Concert
14.Good Luck! Acting Manager
15.First Kiss!?
16.Rival's Entrance
17.The Disagreeing Couple
18.Run to the Audition!
19.Undelivered Vocals
20.Meroko, Alone
21.A New Idea
22.Excitement! A Live Solo!
23.Moving Panic
24.Dad's Song
25.A request for Wakaouji-sensei
26.A Wish for Tradition
27.I Absolutely Won't Lose
28.Full Moon's a Master of Love?
29.A new Death God - Izumi & Jonathan
30.Eichi-kun's Acquaintence
31.It's the Fall School Festival
32.An Honest Yen
33.An Enduring Sick-Demon
34.Old Man Bran
35.Mail from Eichi-kun!?
36.Fate's Rookie of the Year Award
37.A Present from Full Moon
38.Grandmother's Past
39.Crossing the Pacific
40.The Stolen Pendant
41.To Eichi-kun's Street
42.Eternal Snow
43.Again, Not Singing Twice...
44.A Sympathizing Heart
45.Izumi's Temptation
46.To a New Moon
47.A Wish To Live
48.You can't become Full Moon!?
49.Full Moon's Thoughts, Meroko's Thoughts
50.No Matter What, I Won't Say...
51.The Day of Fate
52.Searching for the Full Moon