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Bölüm Listesi

01-)The thief with a notice card
02-)The target is family ties
03-)An encircling net! The whole student body is the enemy
04-)The thief's job saves a company too
05-)Emergency at the airport
06-)The partner in crime is a mysterious old woman
07-)Father-daughter detective team! The final gamble
08-)Steal the melody of love
09-)The heartless checkmate
10-)The masked man! What is his true identity?
11-)The beautiful heart of a detective
12-)The pin is stronger than the sword
13-)The thief of hearts, with the memory of loss plant
14-)A wedding dress is the target
15-)Shocking confession of love in the amusement park
16-)A first kiss illuminated by moonlight
17-)Sudden intimacy! Loves tempestuous arrival
18-)The demon attacks the friendship medal
19-)Seal! Evidence of fatherly love
20-)The day that courage and hope were broken
21-)Miyako, attacking love and friendship
22-)Dive! Double Kaitou death
23-)Checkmate! The magical blue butterfly
24-)Luxury cruise monkey panic
25-)Ghost story! Haunted summer school
26-)Infitrate! Karakuri ninja castle
27-)A tearful parting-Angel Fin
28-)Advent of the demon! New transformation
29-)Totally beautiful! The mysterious new teacher appears
30-)Defender, burning with renewed spirit
31-)The Kaitou is doing a commercial?
32-)Obliterate Kaitou Jeanne
33-)Sinbad you liar!
34-)Declaration of departing! I’ll never believe anyone again
35-)The power of Jeanne's love, revived
36-)A thief is on the polices side?!?
37-)A boy with a demons heart
38-)Resolution!? The checkmate of sadness
39-)Just one wish! To mother and father
40-)Dark transformation! Mists fierce assault
41-)Reunion with Fin!! A tragic nightmare
42-)Kaitou, surpass space and time
43-)Friendship collapse!?! Magic ice final battle
44-)Thou! Become the heavenly wind