Lovely Complex
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Bölüm Listesi:

Bölüm Listesi

1.Freshman Year Summer! I'll Definitely Find a Boyfriend!

2.The Ex-Girlfriend Love Triangle?!

3.A Guy You Like, or a Guy from the Past?

4.Kiss! I've Fallen For You!

5.Send Forbidden Love Flying!

6.A Maiden's Determination! Love-Love Confession Plan!!

7.Sunk! Worst Confession in History

8.Comeback Impossible! Major Heartbreak!!

9.Resuscitation!! Aim for Girlfriend Status!!

10.A Confrontation With The Ex-Girlfriend?! The Epic Breast-Baring Battle!!

11.Absolute Death! Revived Love with the Ex-Girlfriend?!

12.Recapture Love! Improve as a Girl with Honmei Chocolate!!

13.Heating Up! A First Kiss in His Room?

14.A Killer Crush on Maity!

15.Dangerous Man, Mighty's Sweet Temptation

16.Maity's Magic! The Transforming Patterns of Love?!

17.The Iron Fist of Love! Catch, O Maiden Soul!!

18.Best Birthday in History

19.Sudden Downturn!! The First Date is the Beginning of Disaster

20.Declaration of War!! The dangerous Beauty Burns with Envy!!

21.Foreboding of separation?! The separate roads which Risa and Otani walk.

22.Farewell Otani!!!

23.Many Future Paths!! The Circumstances We All Bear

24.Together Forever!!!