Shaman King
Shaman King sevenlerin buluşma yeri

Bölüm Listesi

01.The Boy Who Dances With Ghosts (Yoh, Morty!)
02.Waiting Samurai (Guardian Ghost)
03.Another Shaman (Lenny)
04.Hyoi 100% (Perfect Unity)
05.A Shaman Who is Mature for Her Age (A New Order)
06.Kung Fu Master (The Kung-Fu Master)
07.Pailong, Fists of Fury (Pai Long Attacks!)
08.Shaman Life (The Rio Deal)
09.The Boy from the North (Northern Boarder)
10.Fate of 600 Years (The Infamous Tokageroh)
11.Rain That Falls In Spring (Vendetta)
12.The Star that Signals the Beginning (A New Shaman)
13.Oversoul (The Destiny Star)
14.Shaman Fight (The Shaman Fight)
15.Bone Killers (Faust VIII)
16.Faust Love (The Rain of Bones)
17.Two People’s Journey to the Best Place (Road Trip)
18.Yoh (The Tunnel of Tartarus)
19.Big Souls of the Two (Yoh vs. Lenny)
20.Soul Mata Cemetery (One, Two, Three, Draw)
21.Believe (A Call to Adventure)

22.Our Deadly Blows (The Dynasty Challenged)
23.Awakened Nyan Nyan Doushi (The Dynasty Fight)
24.Invulnerable Tao En (A New Dynasty)
25.A Shaman's Journey (Shaman Journey)
26.Big America (The Second Round Begins)
27.Dowsing Revolution (The Dowser)
28.Lyserg's Revenge (Lost Boy Found)
29.Super Guts (The Nature of Nature)
30.The Stolen Oracle Bell (Oracle Bell Down)
31.Forest of Holy Spirits (Ghost Down)
32.Horo Horo’s Taste of a Bitter Friendship (A Very Trey Day)
33.Mysterious Asakura (Zeke Attack)
34.American Hot Springs (The Great Western Spa)
35.The Vampire Legend (Vampire Ambush)
36.Angel's Pistol (Winged Destroyers)
37.King Of Jokes (Punch Line)
38.The Legend of Seminoa (Five Great Chiefs)
39.Hanagumi (Goth Assault)
40.Chou Senji Ryakettsu (A Touch of Evil)
41.Explosive Oversouls (Goth Rematch)
42.Spirit of the Sword (The Double Medium)
43.Battle of Gods (Lost Lyserg)
44.One More Push (The Ice Team Cometh)

45.Great Spirit (Dobi Village or Bust)
46.The Dead Spirit of Tao (Family Feud)
47.Really Naive (Sand Storm)
48.Missionary of Dragon (The Prophecy)
49.Doctor Doctor (Gladiators)
50.I Have A Darkness In My Heart (Heart of Darkness)
51.Shaman Hunt (Spirit Busters)
52.It's Training! Everyone Gather! (The Way of the Rice)
53.Bye Bye (Double Jeopardy)
54.The Eighth Angel (X-Caliber)
55.Gate of Babylon (Bait and Switch)
56.Door of Babylon (The Door to Babylon)
57.The Shaman Fight Ends? (Secret Path)
58.Flaming Angel (The Forbidden Forest, pt. 1)
59.Holy Ground of the Stars (The Forbidden Forest, pt. 2)
60.Friend (Unity)
61.Eternal Farewell (Yoh and Goodbye)
62.Die! Collision! (Rage and Furyoku)
63.A Place Where I Belong (The King is Dead)
64.Epilogue (Long Live the King)