Bölüm Listesi

1.Chii Awakens
2.Chii goes out
3.Chii Memorizes
4.Chii Goes Shopping
5.Chii Discovers
6.Chii is in Trouble
7.Chii Works
8.Chii is Bewildered
9.Shinbo and Sumomo talk
10. Chii buys
11.Chii encounters
12.Chii tests
13.Chii plays
14.Chii goes to the ocean
15.Chii entertains guests
16.Chii doesn`t do anything
17.Chii manages
18.Minoru and Yuzuki talk
19.Chii helps out
20.Chii is gone
21.Chii waits
22.Chii Hopes
23.Chii Answers
24.Chii Changes Clothes
25.Chii Decides
26.A Person Only For Chii